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Pisces season begins: what should your zodiac sign expect

The season of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, has begun which means that we enter the closing of the astrological year which will begin when the Sun enters Aries on March 20, 2023.

Until then, all signs will be affected by the energy of the water sign ruled by Neptune. Pisces is dreamy and self-absorbed within, therefore, we can be more in touch with our emotional and creative energy.

This season is a time to reflect on the past 365 days, similar to what we experienced on New Year’s Eve, but with the difference that we can put our dreams to the test.

The Pisces 2023 cycle will be more special for Saturn will enter this sign in March and will help us achieve some of our fantasies. How will it affect each zodiac sign? The Collective World horoscope indicates the following.

Pisces season will be the time to recharge your batteries, be more responsible and at the same time let yourself be carried away by your creativity. In general, you should expect a positive astrological closing of the year.

Your sign will have a more vibrant social life as they feel more inspired to catch up and reconnect with their friends. Pisces energy is perfect for making positive changes, embracing love, and being more joyful.

You will be more oriented towards your career, if you have lacked discipline or planning, these issues will come to light. You will have to take advantage to advance because you will receive recognition and the attention that you had wanted.

Your interests will be priority during this transit. Pisces is your water partner so it will make you feel more empowered, so you can only expect positive changes if you build a better relationship with yourself.

An energy of change will make you feel calmer as the Sun moves into Pisces. You will see that things start to work better and your confidence will be at one of its highest points.

Your sign will be more aware of personal relationships after they feel more sure of what they want. It is a good time to foster connection with people who bring positive things to your life.

The abilities of your sign will improve with the creative energy of Pisces and you will be surprised how far you can go. The more you advance, the more sure you will be of yourself.

An energy of love, hope, love and joy will be projected onto your Pisces sign, partner of the water element. You will feel more attractive and sensual, so your energy will be magnetic.

Your confidence will expand and you will be more loving to yourself. Self-love will be projected into your work and will make you feel proud of what you do.

The need to communicate will awaken and you will show a side of you that is regularly inactive: emotional intelligence. You will be able to use this energy as one more tool for your personal successes.

As the Sun moves into Pisces, Saturn also leaves your sign so you can feel a liberating energy. It is a season to reflect and delve into your dreams and fantasies, your thinking will not be restrictive.

Your astrological month means changes. You can expect growth and maturity, at the same time, lessons and learning. You will be able to rediscover who you are and change ingrained habits.

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