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Pintadinha Chicken Children’s Decoration

Children’s animations serve as inspiration for decorating birthdays, as is the case with ‘Pintadinha Chicken🇧🇷 The DVD that recalls the main nursery rhymes and other songs with children’s content is a bestseller in the country, which is why it already serves as a theme for parties.

Pintadinha themed birthday party.

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Pintadinha Chicken Children’s Decoration

Children from 1 to 6 years old are delighted with the musical design. They watch it several times in a row to sing the songs and dance along with the Galinha Pintadinha gang. The birthday party organized based on the theme must incorporate this proposal of innocence, fun and a lot of leisure.

For parents who are out of time to take care of the preparations, it is worth hiring a children’s buffet. But, in the absence of funds to invest in hiring services, it is recommended to organize the celebration with great taste and creativity.

The Painted Chicken theme for party

Details for your themed table.

O Pintadinha Chicken birthday explores a playful universe full of enchantment to awaken the interest of the little guests. With the aim of highlighting the theme, it is interesting to explore various colors in the aesthetics of the party and highlight some prints, such as polka dots. Despite the colorful look, it is essential that the look of the party presents the colors blue, green, orange, white, red and yellow.

Decorate the space where the party will be held with lots of balloons, creating sculptures or structures to make the event look more beautiful. Occupy the walls with decorative panels, so that some scenes from the DVD are remembered and contribute to the theme.

The main table requires a dustcloth, which may or may not have a Provencal aesthetic. The finish is free to incorporate ruffles or other types of prints, such as stripes.

Place a cake made with elements that highlight the theme in the center of the main table and add decorations to compose the scenery. The main characters on the DVD can appear in the form of fabric or Styrofoam dolls. The decoration can also include artistic sweets, such as themed cupcakes. Finally, assemble the background with a decorative panel and an arch of colored balloons.

Don’t forget to provide entertainment for the birthday person and the little guests with a repertoire inspired by the DVD and also with inflatable toys.

Pictures Pintadinha Chicken decoration

About the Pintadinha Chicken

Galinha Pintadinha is a musical DVD with children’s songs that is popular with children. With very amusing animations that involve several characters, the production recalls classic songs such as ‘Borboletinha’, ‘A canoa turned’, ‘Pombinha Branca’, ‘Marcha Soldado’, ‘Formiguinha’, ‘I threw the stick at the cat’, ‘My snack ‘, ‘Rosemary’, ‘Sapo Cururu’, among many others.

Due to the high sales in the first production, the Pintadinha Chicken won a second DVD in 2010. The musical design featured new nursery rhymes to cheer up the kids over 15 tracks. With over 50,000 copies sold in Brazil, the work produced by Som Livre was certified Platinum.

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