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Pink on relationship with daughter Willow: “Had a tearful conversation”

That was when Pink recently visited The Drew Barrymore Show as she opened up about what her relationship with daughter Willow looks like today. “She has needs now,” says the artist according to Today.

Photo: The Drew Barrymore Show

Artist Pink and her daughter Willow, 11, have more in common than genes — something that was evident when they performed together at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. But as Willow grows older, things are changing between them.

“Will miss each other”

Pink’s family (which includes daughter Willow, 11, son Jameson, 6, and husband Carey Hart) usually accompany her when she goes on tour. But when the star recently visited She told Drew Barrymore’s talk show that Willow will only be on part of the summer tour.

Photo: Instagram @pink

“Willow and I had a very tearful conversation about this tour because she has needs now,” Pink says on the show. “Willow and I talk about almost everything – we have a great relationship, and I said to her: ‘I know there are things that you want to do’.”

The artist adds that she told her daughter that while her career means a lot to her, “it doesn’t mean more than your childhood, or what you mean to me”:

“I quit tomorrow. If that’s what you want, I’ll quit tomorrow. But this time it means that we will have to miss each other a little.”

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