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Pink and brown wedding decor

Pink and brown wedding decor is what you are thinking of doing? So stay tuned for our many tips on how to make a wedding decor using these colors look like your dreams call for. If you are looking for a sober and at the same time romantic wedding decoration, the ideal is to do it in pink and brownūüáßūüá∑ Pink is a feminine, romantic and delicate color, while brown is harder, strong, but light, mainly because it reminds you of chocolate, a sweet that everyone loves. The decoration in this style is considered classic, and the decoration pleases the eyes of all guests, regardless of their personal tastes.

Bouquet of pink and brown flowers

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Pink and brown wedding decor

‚Äď Reception desk

See how to start yours pink and brown wedding decor in style. At the reception table, right at the entrance to the hall, the guests have a sample of the decoration of this wedding, done in a rustic style. So, taking advantage of the brown of the wood, tablecloths of the same color were used. The touch of lightness was due to the roses in the large arrangements and on the table, as well as in the cloths that wrapped the walls.

Brown table with rose flower pedestals

‚Äď Pink and brown cake table

On this beautiful cake table, the combination of brown and pink it is well balanced, creating a harmonious space. The candy boxes are pink with brown inside and all the candy is either wrapped in chocolate or brown paper. Also, there are candies wrapped in pink paper in the corners of the table so the atmosphere doesn’t feel too heavy. The pink cake has small details of chocolate and, in one of the glass vases, brown tissue paper was placed, while the other was left transparent to give balance. On the vases, beautiful pink roses.

Brown and pink polka dot tablecloth

More details on the pink and brown decor

‚Äď Guest table

Guest tables decorated in brown and pink they become an inviting place for conversation and joy. On the brown tablecloth, bronze plates and cutlery were placed and, on top of them, pink napkins with brown bar and brown napkin clips with pink detail. In the center of the table, what dictates the colors used at the party are the flowers, the ribbons in the arrangements and the sweets inside the transparent glass jars.

Flowers, dishes, and accessories in harmony

– Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation, despite being seen before by the guests, must be in the colors of the decor. That’s why this beautiful invitation in brown and pink comes to announce what awaits the guests at the great wedding feast.

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The guest invitation in pink and brown is a real scandal (Photo: Disclosure)

‚Äď candy decoration

A delicate and relaxed way to wrap the bem-casados ‚Äč‚Äčis to use brown cloth with pink polka dots or pink cloth with brown polka dots. These sweets were specially wrapped for 50’s themed parties, a time when polka dots were often used in dress prints.

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Souvenirs in pink and brown poa

to make a wedding decoration that will please everyone, use pink and brown, which form a perfect combination, with a lot of balance and harmony. With these photos, you already had an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhow beautiful your wedding could be. So bet on this idea!

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