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Pink and brown 15th birthday party decor

THE 15th birthday party it marks the transition of stages in a girl’s life, after all, she is no longer a child to enter adult life. Regardless if the event is traditional or modern, it needs to be organized.

Decorated cake for 15 years birthday. (Photo: Disclosure)

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One of the most important items for 15 years birthday party is the definition of colors. Only with this decision is it possible to think about invitations, ornaments, sweets and souvenirs.

The birthday girl can feel free to choose one color combination for your party🇧🇷 A pair that is on the rise is the pink with brown🇧🇷 The two tones establish a perfect contrast and enhance the mood of the occasion.

What this article covers:

Pink is the most representative color of the female universe. He values ​​delicacy, affection and romanticism. Dear among girls, the tone can be combined with an infinity of colors.

Brown appears in the decoration through the furniture. (Photo: Disclosure)

When pink is worked in partnership with a dark color, as is the case with brown, it is interesting that it is explored in a lighter tone. The different strength of the colors guarantee balance and aesthetic harmony.

Brown is related to security, stability, realism and caution. Next to pink, it acquires a more cheerful, relaxed and sweet content. If the party decoration is to work with a third color, then it is interesting to opt for white.

Check out the following tips for using the pink and brown combo at 15th birthday party decoration🇧🇷

• Colors are very important for the visual identity of the event. That’s why they should be valued from invitations to souvenirs;

• In the party space, brown can be enhanced by wood and fabric furniture;

• Flowers are perfect decorations for value the color pink🇧🇷 A mix with different species leaves the environment with a natural and delicate air;

Poas combine with pink and brown colors. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A pink and brown palette it is perfect for working with delicate prints, such as polka dots;

• Brown upholstery and chairs make the salon more elegant;

• Those who are afraid of being too daring in the use of brown can work with this dark color only in the details;

• The cake that decorates the main table can be made with both party colorsas long as you value a more romantic appearance;

• The brown and pink colors are capable of enhancing themes, as is the case of “Paris” and “Bailarina”.

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Check out photos of 15th birthday parties decorated with pink and brown🇧🇷

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