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Pigment spots on the face – Everything you need to know about getting rid of sun spots

Have you suffered from pigment spots on your face? We describe various methods that will help you get rid of the stains.

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Why do you get pigment spots on your face?

According to Vårdguiden, pigment spots – or sunspots – are caused by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. The spots are smooth and the size can vary from about half to several centimeters. Often the spots appear on the parts of the skin that have been exposed to the sun – usually on the face or on the hands.

In addition to sun exposure, pigmentation can be caused by the following things:

  • Skin lesions caused by injury (also called post-inflammatory pigmentation)
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy
  • Rash
  • Skin infection (eg acne)
  • Medical conditions

How to remove pigment spots on the face?

If you want to try a treatment to remove sun spots, we recommend that you first discuss the matter with a dermatologist or skin therapist – not least to rule out an underlying disease or infection in the skin.

Which treatments are best for pigmentation spots?

Here are some methods to get rid of sun spots:

  • Home remedies – includes treatments with everything from apple cider vinegar to green tea extract and milk.
  • Skin care products that contain pigment-reducing substances – of course in combination with sunscreen.
  • Chemical peeling – can be done at home or in a salon. However, keep in mind that this is not a good option for those of you who spend a lot of time in the sun: the treatment makes fine skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays.
  • Laser – the most effective treatment for reducing dark spots and pigmentation, but also the most expensive option.
  • IPL (intense pulsed light) – this method involves focused light, which can have an unwanted effect on the surrounding skin – for example, darker or tanned skin around the pigmentation may become slightly lighter.
  • Creams such as corticosteroids, hydroquinone, retinoids and vitamin C.
  • Cryotherapy – a high-pressure jet consisting of liquid nitrous oxide freezes the skin change.
  • Microdermabrasion (diamond peeling) – a gentle sanding that counteracts various skin problems.
  • Dermabrasion – a method where the skin is sanded, which allows a new and softer layer of skin to emerge.

Can pigment spots disappear by themselves?

So-called hyperpigmentation can in some cases be due to pregnancy and hormone treatment. In these cases, the terms melasma or chloasma are usually used. After pregnancy or hormone therapy, melasma may disappear on its own, but unfortunately the spots often reappear when the skin is exposed to the sun again.

How to prevent pigment spots?

Using sunscreen can reduce the risk of pigmentation. Extensive use of sunscreen can also make the spots less obvious, so always use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor when sunbathing or staying in the sun for a long time.

How to cover pigment spots

Are you trying to get rid of the pigment spots on your face but haven’t succeeded yet? Cover them with one concealer or covering foundation that evens out the skin tone!

Best products against pigment spots on the face

Below we have listed the best products against pigment spots on the face. Spot treatment, cream, serum and spf – you will find our favorites below.

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