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Pietro from the bar of ‘Falling in love USA’ talks for the first time about his feelings and Migbelis

Pietro Pizzorni, the owner of the ‘Enamorándonos USA’ bar, is one of the favorites of the UniMás night showwhen one day he is missing, the public goes crazy asking for him. Many dream, want, or imagine that he and Migbelis Castellanos are dating, but not.

For the first time, The sexiest Italian on Hispanic television in the United States talks about his feelings, how he got to ‘Enamorándonos USA’, what this show means in his lifehow it changed it, and what is what he has so much to thank his partner Migbelis for.

-Pietro, the most requested man of ‘Falling in love USA’, how do you feel about being part of this show?

Pietro Pizzorni: I feel very grateful, ua new experience that I had never done in my lifebut it’s so much fun this team is like a familyI love it, I love it very much.

Pietro and Migbelis Castellanos. Photo: Mandy Fridman

-What do you like most about your Bar?

Pietro Pizzorni: What I like the most is see couples as knowing each other and that is something that only my eyes seesometimes 2 people sit down and fall in love like this or if there is no chemistry, there is no chemistrybut to be part of that experience to see love grow and form, is very rewarding.

-We were talking with Migbelis, who is here helping you with the translation, many believe or dream that you are a couple.

Pietro Pizzorni: The truth is that Migbelis and I started working together about a year and a half ago.and before that, when I was alone in the bar it was not the same, and when she came to work here there was a chemistry.

Migbelis: I gave him happiness his life.

Pietro Pizzorni: There was a chemistry and that’s why everyone thinks we have something, and the truth is that we are very similar, She’s like my sister, and the truth is one of my best friends, if not my best friend, and I love her very much, and I’m sorry we’re just friendss.

-Are you aware of the love that the public has for you, when you miss them they go crazy asking for you?

Pietro Pizzorni: The truth was not, I am not so aware, but, when I went to Turkey to work with the new show, ‘La Isla’, many people were writing to me like: “look, are you okay? ,what happened?”… And that was the day my eyes were opened to the public, to that they love me, that I have a connection with them.

-For those who see you every day at the bar and are watching you make the drinks, who is Pietro? What do you like to do?

Pietro Pizzorni: The truth is that I am someone who has worked on many things, and I do a lot, producing music, working in finance, and now this show, but I never felt a love for anything routineand the truth is that I feel like this is a family, and youWe have a job that is to help love grow, so I also see myself as a cupidand I like to see couples as they know each other.

Migbelis: Aha, but before you were a bartender at Pietro’s Bar, what did you do?

Pietro Pizzorni: before being a bartender I was working in finance, for 5 years, and then I started a career in music, and then I had some friends and family that will give me a chance to work on this show.and at first I was very nervous because my Spanish was nothing until this lady came.

Migbelis: Sure, but the family, the family members who gave you the opportunity are the executives from ‘Falling in love’.

Pietro Pizzorni: Yes, and they tell me that you don’t need school, you don’t need to know anything about that, to speak Spanish at all, but now i’m talking to a camera, in an interview, so thank god i have this queen.

Migbelis: And the truth is that I had never worked as a bartender.

Pietro Pizzorni: Never as a bartender, never on television.

Pietro and Migbelis Castellanos.
Pietro and Migbelis Castellanos. Photo: Mandy Fridman

-And how did you learn drinks?

Pietro Pizzorni: I learned about drinks in an APP (application), it’s not very well known, it’s called YouTube (laughs), and the truth is, every night, before the program, I’m looking for recipeslooking for things, because this bar does not have alcohol, so we have to invent that they are not so sweet and that they are not boring, that they look cute.

Migbelis: Here what we have in this bar, the only thing there are empty containers, and Every day he asks the production, what is the drink of the day, and they bring him the ingredients, and then he prepares itthat does prepare him and the names me.

-What happens with family and friends, now that they see you being a bartender, do they ask you for drinks at the party?

Pietro Pizzorni: Actually, yes, every party I go to, everyone tells me: “There’s the bar”… And I’m going to play music on this sidebut the truth is that one day I want to do something like a casting of ‘Falling in love’, where we are playing music, and preparing drinks, like something like that.

-How did ‘Falling in love USA’ change your life?

Pietro Pizzorni: The biggest thing that changed my life is how the structure, the routine, from Monday to Friday, from 3 to 10, since I never worked in a career, I worked when I wantedand now I have to drive every day, but I really love it, I love it and it’s very rewarding.

Pietro from the bar of 'Falling in love USA' is a DJ
Pietro from the ‘Falling in Love USA’ bar is a DJ. Photo: Pietro

-You work in a show that looks for love, how is your heart, are you in love?

Pietro Pizzorni: the truth now I’m in a new relationship, we’ve been like 9 months and it’s going well, I’m not someone who publishes a lot about my life, about love, but I feel that the people who shout it out to the world don’t really have it in their partner, so I go calmly, and why, if it’s love It really is love.

-What do you say to the public that follows you, that they love you and that they fell in love with you?

Pietro Pizzorni: I want to say thank you very much everyone, this is an experience i never thought i would have but i love it so muchand it was nothing without you and without the ‘Falling in love’ family, so thank you, thank you.



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