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PicPay contacts: what services are available

Sometimes we have some problems with the financial institutions we are part of, no matter how good they offer a service, it happens. However, we don’t always know how to get in touch with them, mainly because they are digital banks, that is, physical branches do not exist.

However, the internet provides a range of options not only for virtual banks, but also for customer service, as we can consult PicPay not only through the chat available in the application itself, but also through social networks. Check out!

What this article covers:

PicPay customer chat

On the platform’s website there is no chat option, but in the app you can chat with the attendants at any time and day you may need.

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Already in the PicPay application, select your profile picture; a “Help” option will appear in the upper right corner, but there is also the possibility of scrolling to the bottom of the screen and selecting the “Need help?” option; select “Talk to us” and choose a reason for your contact and then just send the message.

In-app chat is the most common way to troubleshoot issues. In addition to being already present in the application itself, the chat is already a channel created with the customer’s contact with the financial institution in mind, whether to solve problems or resolve doubts.

Help PicPay through Social Networks

PicPay is available on the most diverse digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube. You can contact PicPay even through TikTok!

However, watch out for scams! When contacting the startup through social networks, never provide your data such as CPF, application password, or any other information that gives access to your account.

SAC PicPay

PicPay, like every company, has a Customer Service Center that you can call — free of charge — to request the necessary help. The number is 0800 025 8000.

Despite being a channel little explored by users of any product or service, the SAC is ideal for those customers who need “to be talking to a real person, not a machine”. You will get an answer through contact with the attendants who will try to understand your problem and solve it in the best possible way.

PicPay Ombudsman

If you have already tried, without success, to register a complaint through other channels (social networks, SAC, or chat available in the application) you can call 0800 025 2000, from 9am to 6pm on weekdays. Remembering that this channel is exclusive to situations that have already ended.

That is, if your problem has already been closed, but you feel that it was not attended to or that the problem was not resolved as it should have been, this is the channel designed to hear what you did not like about the service or the resolution of your problem. question.

whatsapp picpay

If you need to get in touch with the startup regarding matters such as PicPay Card, loans between people or the financial institution itself, it is ideal that you contact us at Whatsapp??

PicPay’s WhatsApp, despite being restricted to these three issues, is an easily accessible channel for PicPay users, in addition to the fact that they are very likely already fully familiar with the platform. After all, rarely does anyone not have WhatsApp these days.

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