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Photos, Trends and Models of Decorated Nails 2022 → HERE

He likes to always be on top of news and inspirations of what’s going on in nail art and decorated nails in 2022.

So get ready to consult an unmissable catalog with the most beautiful salon options as well as original inspirations and full of style that are on the rise lately!

Decorated Nails 2022

From the colorful ones, the claws, nail art’s to trends with a very metaverse effect and a lot of matte nail polish.

We’ve selected below a list of the most popular nail polishes, styles and models of this year. There are inspirations for us to use and a lot. Look that!

colorful decorated nails

Color comes back and a half back to the fashion scene and with nails it is no different, after all in 2022 what else has been seen are colorful and different nails, which bring a much more fun look to the look.

And the concept is basic and easy to reproduce yourself at home, just choose five colors of diversified nail polish, paint one nail in each color, finish with the base and it’s ready to reign among this year’s trends.

matte enamel

The matte nail polish was seen a lot in the nail arts of the gringas and yes, here in Brazil, the wave of dull nail polish, very matte, is very much in evidence.

It is worth adhering to the idea, either by painting a nail in each color or by making a charm, such as a francesinha or half nail painted in matte enamel.

black claws

Black claws are a trend in color and shape, that is, nails in the shape of claws (stiletto) with a dark enamel are quite in vogue and are ideal options for those who like nails with a more elaborate effect, without straying from the basic dark tone.

Sparkling decorated nails

There are those who love the nail polish with a shimmering effect and there are those who hate it, so the nail pattern with shimmering shine and even metallics are back due to the more intergalactic fashion trends. metaverse, as we already commented in this post here about the fashion trends of the season.

And yes, betting on this pattern and nail design can be daring at first, but without a doubt it is one of the options that are booming this season and we will see it on the nails of many girls who are more in tune with fashion in this 2022.

Neon decorated nails

Neon was on the rise many years ago in clothes and nails, but the current trend is to use neon nails in an elaborate way in the greatest style. nail art.

The idea could be to paint, for example, two or three nails with neon nail polish and the others in a more neutral tone. The tip, in addition to being strategic and tuned in, makes the look very powerful and thematic, ideal for those who love creative nails!

red francesinha

After the classic that the traditional white francesinhas have always been, the fashion of the time is to invest in the creative air of the red francesinhas, nothing basic and very original.

To reproduce the trick is easy, just do the common nail polish for French girls and paint the tips of the nails with red nail polish and that’s it.

For girls who like to innovate, it’s worth painting half a nail and thus making the art style more revamped and stylish or even add stickers and other more creative elements.

Decorated nails nail art

yes the nail art’s have been around since 2020 as a trend that seems to have come to stay, and to explain to you how the nail art’s you need to understand that they are the pure expression of art.

After all, the elements that consist of irregularly painting different points of the nails, mixing colors, are very reminiscent of paintings of works of art by great Renaissance painters.

And yes, the concept is to make your nail your painting and dare to be very colorful and elaborate is the most modern thing when we talk about nail trends.

He liked the suggestions and tips on the nail polish trends of the season. So dare and a lot these news and make the production even more full of colors.

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