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Photos of Planned Kitchens | +37 Photos to Inspire you

At photos of planned kitchens they are inspiring, after all, they show what is most modern in terms of interior decoration. The furniture adapts perfectly to the room, which ensures more beauty and functionality in addition to taking advantage of the spaces and giving an air of amplitude to the environment in which the project is made.

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Planned Kitchens

The planned kitchen, be it steel or wood, must recognize the needs of the residents. Furniture should value the concept of coexistence, after all, this room is no longer a space to simply cook and store food.

When purchasing furniture designed for the kitchen, residents have numerous advantages. Firstly, the furniture makes it possible to use the space in the best possible way and favors the movement of people. There is also the possibility of customizing the planned elements, that is, defining the best colors, materials and finishes for the project.

The planned kitchen leaves the space functional and organized. (Photo: Publicity)

Composed of modules and niches, the planned kitchen is a perfect example of modern decor. Its structure can have faggot, overhead cabinets, countertop and sink cabinet. When the project is complete, there is a concern to work with built-in appliances so that all elements are in perfect harmony.

Enlist the help of an architect to design your project. (Photo: Publicity)

Photos of planned kitchens

We selected some photos of planned kitchens that can inspire your project. Check out:

small kitchens

If the small kitchen has little space, planned furniture can be the perfect solution to make the environment beautiful and functional. The furniture is usually structured in a linear way, taking advantage of the free area on the walls.

Small planned kitchen. (Photo: Publicity)

The linear layout works well in a small kitchen. (Photo: Publicity)

L or U-shaped kitchens

Planned kitchen models are very different in terms of format. The furniture that forms an “L” seeks to take advantage of the space and create an organized layout. Another very popular shape in planned kitchen projects is the “U”, which seeks to create a functional physical arrangement by installing the sink in a perpendicular position to the stove and refrigerator.

U-shaped kitchen. (Photo: Publicity)

Compact kitchen with bench. (Photo: Publicity)

small L-shaped wooden kitchen

small L-shaped kitchen

small L-shaped kitchen wallpaper

small L-shaped kitchen wooden furniture

Kitchens with island

If the kitchen has plenty of room to decorate and innovate, then it is worth betting on a planned kitchen project with an island. The structure is completed with a central bench, which can be used to make meals or even to prepare food. The more sophisticated projects have a hood and sink on the island.

Kitchen with island. (Photo: Publicity)

The planned kitchen is also a living area. (Photo: Publicity)

small kitchen with modern gourmet island

small kitchen with small island

small kitchen with modern island

small kitchen with marble island

Modern Planned Kitchens

Projects are increasingly daring and today there is no rule of decoration, but using and abusing creativity in addition to seeking to insert personality into your decoration. Many landscapers and designers are adding interviews to identify the profile and characteristics of the owners of the property in order to make a project that “is the face of the owner”. We separate some photos of modern kitchens for you to admire and inspire:

Photos of fitted kitchens 1 (7)

Photos of fitted kitchens. (Photo: Publicity)

Planned Furniture Stores

After checking the photos of planned kitchens, look for an architect and present your ideas so that he can guide you on the preparation of the project. You can also request a quote directly from a store specializing in custom furniture, such as Todeschini, Favorita and Italínea.

Below is a list of Planned Furniture stores for you to budget your project:

Care when making your Planned Kitchen

Stay tuned! When designing your dream kitchen, it is necessary to take into account some rules so as not to make a mistake in the project. We separate a video where you will know the 10 most common Planned Kitchen Mistakes that people make.

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