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Photos of Gael García kissing Bad Bunny appear in the movie “Cassandro”

The fans of Bad Bunny in instagram They published some photographs in which the reggaeton player appears kissing with the Mexican actor gael garcia. But it’s not that they have a romance: it’s about scenes from the movie “Cassandro”which was screened a few days ago at the Sundance Film Festival.

Two years ago the TV show “First hand” shared images of the filming of the film, in which the bad rabbit makes a special contribution. Both artists even posed for photos together; for his characterization García dyed his hair blonde.

After its first screening, “Cassandro” has received good reviews; the film directed by roger ross williams presents Gael as the title character, considered “the Liberace of wrestling”, who, being homosexual, faced discrimination until he became an icon of that sport. at the end of the premiere Gael posed with Cassandro -whose real name is Saul Armendariz-, who praised her performance.

Gael Garcia and the wrestler Cassandro at the Sundance Film Festival (Photo: David Becker/Getty Images for Prime Video)

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