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Photos: Carolina Sarassa boasts excited about the new house where she will see her two little children grow up

The Colombian presenter Carolina Sarassa, whom we see on the Univision Digital Edition News, received, in August 2021, the arrival of Noah Mattiahis second son, which caused him to have to look for a new house to see his two children grow up, who are the producer of the great love he feels for andres chacon.

In a recent interview with HOLA! magazine, the television celebrity said she was excited about the big step they had taken as a family, ensuring that their new home is not just a house, but the house of their dreams.

“I am so happy, so excited. Finally we found the house of our dreams, ”Chloé Sophia’s mother also confessed to the aforementioned publication.

In the same conversation, he explained that they chose a house that they liked, but that was also ideal for the proper development of their two small children, having certain characteristics that he knows they will enjoy in a big way.

“It is a space that we chose for children, so that they have their little playground, that they have their area to play. Before having children, it did not matter, but now it is so important to give them the best possible home, a safe area, that few cars pass in front of them due to the issue of security, for me that is super important, “he confessed in another fragment of the talk. intimate that he had with HOLA!.

The journalist also explained that they acquired the property in the middle of the real estate boom in the United States, which made their search too complicated for them, since there were many people interested in each of the homes, so it was a matter of luck for them to be able to get hold of this, because his offer was the least attractive for the then owners.

“We went with my dad, and when we arrived the man, the owner of the house, told us: ‘There are more offers on the table from people who have not seen the house and they are higher offers than yours, yours is the lowest. , but I fell in love with your dad, your dad was happy when he saw the house, it was so beautiful that it’s worth inviting the whole family. And the illusion in your dad’s eyes, and for your dad I’m going to give you the house,’” the owner would have told Carolina.

From what we could see in the photos published by HOLA! magazine, her house has, as she commented, a patio area, as well as white furniture in the kitchen, dining room, living room, among others. other spaces.

Its kitchen, which is open and somewhat spacious, is equipped with white and chocolate cabinets with gold details, as well as stainless steel appliances and a central island that can function for preparing food, but also as a breakfast area.

Although they did not show it, the bathroom is her and her entire family’s favorite room, as it is the place with which they suffered the most in their centenary residence, so now they enjoy it more than ever.

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