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Photos and Models of Gel Nails 2022 → CHECK IT OUT HERE

We’ve already talked a little about this article here, about the decorated nails of this 2022 season, which are the most popular among nail polish trends, however, now it’s the turn of the powerful ones. Gel nails.

And among the great tips, in today’s article we analyze the main options for stylish gel nails and the models, nail art styles that are the concept for this year. Follow!

Gel Nails 2022

Gel nails are practical and any woman can do an evaluation with her trusted manicurist and apply this modern technique, a beautiful good option, the gel nail makes it much easier when it comes to keeping your nails impeccable in the rush of everyday life.

In the topics below, see more about the styles of gel nails that are successful in salons. The list is powerful and full of ideas. beautiful!


Gradient decoration on gel nails is a huge trend, and the most interesting thing is that the gradient is a technique that makes nails much more versatile, moving away from the traditional concept of common francesinhasand the best thing is that the technique is performed on the final portion of the nail, highlighting this decoration.

Among the advantages is that when the nail decoration is done on a gel nail, for example, the durability is much greater and the decoration remains intact for up to 20 days, no retouching required!

Delicate gel nails

The effect that is very popular is gel polish with a more delicate effect, that is, using polishes with light and delicate tones, they bring a charm to the nail without ceasing to be sweet and beautiful.

The durability of this enamel is also incredible, in addition to making it much more sophisticated and with that clean look.


Colors are also on the rise and when it comes to gel nail placement, it’s worth investing in the idea of ​​enamelling with a nail in each shade, after all, the tip is perfect for women who love super creative nails!

with glitter

Glitter is always a classic when we talk about gel nails with a lot of glamor and effect, and taking advantage of the wave of metallic metaverse, dare with your gel nails, also betting on a little glitter, it can be a great strategy to make them look amazing.

Gel nails with accessories

For women who love a tone of good humor and creative charm, daring a gel nail with accessories such as points of light, collages of drawings and creative details, are another type of really cool tip to highlight the gel nail art.

powerful stiletto

For women who still love daring stiletto gel nails, daring some effect tones are triumphant this year, and you can use and abuse this trick a lot.

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