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Photos and ideas to decorate your pool

Much in demand in hot weather, such as in the summer, the pools they can be used throughout the year, even in the coldest periods, creating other types of environments. To make the space more beautiful and pleasant, check out photos and ideas to decorate your pool🇧🇷

The pool can be even more cozy when well decorated (Photo: Disclosure)

If in hot weather the pool can be used to cool off, in other periods of the year the environment in which it is located can serve as a space to read a bookrelax, meet friends for a chat, have a snack or even a party.

For the site to have these various uses, the pool decoration it must have practical furniture that is resistant to the sun and rain. The owner can also add elements such as small coconut trees, stones and plants that do not generate dirt.

Gardens with a pool: how to decorate

pool decoration with balloons

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Photos and ideas to decorate your pool

A table with an umbrella already gives another face to the environment (Photo: Disclosure)

Others pool decorating ideas are:

– Invest in wooden deck or stone flooring, as they are materials that reduce the risk of accidents and prevent the accumulation of water.

– A small garden nearby makes the area even more beautiful and valued. Choose plants that are easy to care for and that don’t attract biting insects.

– If you are going to plant trees and shrubs, be careful that they do not hover over the water, as most varieties always drop leaves and petals into the pool, constantly dirtying it.

– bet on synthetic fiber furniture or aluminum, which are more resistant and ideal for external areas.

– Spread beach chairs and sofas around the pool, choosing vibrant colors for them.

– Versatile furniture such as sunbedsstools that turn into side tables and a small table with chairs, for light snacks, are great options, even more so if space is limited.

– If the area is not protected from the sun, a good alternative is to use the pre-molded gazebo, which is easy to install.

– Don’t forget the lighting, which can be based on lanterns resting on the walls or on the floor. LED lamps are also good.

– Installing a hammock near the pool is excellent for anyone who wants to use the environment to rest, read a book, listen to music, etc.

– And to make the space more fun and interesting, items such as inflatable barsmattresses and simple buoys cannot be missing.

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