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Photo: Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral welcome Cattleya. He was at the birth

As we confirmed days ago, the daughter of Yailin La Más Viral and Anuel AA, cattleyaalready born and the chivirika He posted a sweet photo on his Instagram account. fair though Karol G’s ex was the one who confirmed the end of the relationship with the Dominicanit can be seen in the photograph that he was next to the singer of urban genre all the time.

In the first, the three appear together and the little girl whose face was covered with a flower emoji. Yailin The Most viral obviously lying in the delivery room. He next to her. In one of the photos of the carousel of the account of instagram of her, it was possible to see how anuel aa He took her hand and she looked at him excitedly. There is no doubt that both they and their fans looked forward to the birth of Cattleya.

Few days ago Yailin He had worried all his fans because of a message he posted on social networks. He himself alluded to depression. On the other hand, her sister, La Mami Kim, confirmed the distance between the Dominican family. In the middle of all this revolution of his separation from Anuel AA spread the rumor that Cattleya he was born almost a week ago.

Indeed it was. Once confirmed that Yailin The Most Viral became a mother for the first time and Anuel for the thirdeveryone was silent until yesterday, The interpreter of “Hoodie” and “Diamonds in My Teeth” confirmed that his daughter had already arrived in the world.

Despite the separation, he said that they continue to support the chivirika on a musical level. Anuel’s first child is with Astrid Cuevas, a young Puerto Rican who is dedicated to aesthetics. He has been involved in some child custody disputes in court. The second daughter of the trap singer is called Gianella Gazmey.

The same as he was born, according to the daughter’s mother and according to what he himself said in a live of Instagram, after the girl was made two DNA tests. One that became Anuel and the other that became his father. By that time he was already in a relationship. with Yailinhence Melissa Vallecilla (mother of the minor) affirms that she did not know more about the singer.

He also says that he broke the silence to tell that the girl is the daughter of Anuel AA and how things happened from their point of view. The third is the newborn that she just had with Yailin La Más Viral. The same one he married a few days before the birth of the ex’s second daughter was announced. Carol G.. That is, the little sisters will be less than a year apart.

Since we mentioned the bichota. The same one that was breaking more records by making three sold outs in a row at the Estadio Hiram Bithorn stadium in Puerto Rico Puerto, The boricua released a song that seems to be a response from “TQG” by Shakira and Karol G.. Is called “Richer Than Yesterday” and until the moment of closing this note, it accumulates millions of reproductions.

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