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Phone, E-Mail, Chat and others

Mercado Livre was born in Argentina as a company dedicated to electronic commerce. On the platform, anyone is able to sell their products and earn their own earnings. Today, the site has thousands of customers and users in Brazil.

To improve the experience of buyers and entrepreneurs on the platform, ML provides some efficient methods to talk to the company in case of doubts, problems with posting products or purchases made. Check below all MercadoLibre contacts and how to use them correctly.

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Free Market: Telephone

The ML company does not offer a specific number for calls, but its customers and sellers can try to be reached through the Mercado Pago number, which belongs to the ML group.

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Therefore, to speak at SAC Mercado Pago, just dial 0800-637-7246. It is possible to obtain an assistance through this number from Monday to Saturday until 22:00. However, in order to be able to speak at the SAC, the interested party must withdraw a code for the service through the Mercado Pago application.

To do this, just look for the tab that says “Call us”. Each code is only valid for 20 minutes. Through the number, an attendant will be able to solve problems for sellers and buyers and clarify doubts about the functioning of the platform

Free Market calls you

Among the MercadoLibre contacts, there is also the possibility for the customer to communicate them through ML Liga Para Você. To use this method, just enter the page and choose the ”We call you” tab.

When choosing this method, the customer will be able to indicate a contact number and ML itself will be in charge of getting in touch within a period of up to 15 minutes.

Free Market: Chat and WhatsApp

Another modality for contacting the ML is through the use of a messaging chat or WhatsApp application. To get the contact, it is necessary to be duly logged in on the Mercado Livre website.

Afterwards, just look for the help page, where the options ”Contact us by chat” and ”We respond by WhatsApp” will be available.

Free Market Email

Another form of contact with Mercado Libre, ideal for those who prefer to type their possible problems with the platform, is communication via email. ML provides a page just for this type of contact.

To send an email to ML, simply enter your information and click continue. On the new page, it will be possible to fill out a form that contains the doubt or problem for resolution.

Free Market: Ombudsman

Currently, Mercado Livre does not provide Ombudsman services for its platform customers. ML’s only contacts are through e-mail, chat, Whatsapp and binding.

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The company has already worked with a policy where they did not respond to any complaints on the Reclame Aqui portal. Because of this, it became one of the companies that received the most unresolved complaints from its customers.

Currently, ML decided to change its posture and started to respond and try to solve customer problems on this platform. The company’s score is 7.1, considered good by Reclame Aqui.

Free Market Help

To better assist its buyers and sellers, Mercado Livre provides a page just for help. Here you can find solutions to problems with purchases, sales, ML account settings or security.

It is on this page that the buyer can consult information about product returns or refund reversals. In addition, an area is also available where the main questions are answered on various topics, such as purchase cancellations, subscriptions and exchanges.

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