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Petra Tungården roars after the accusations of crime: “Defamation”

Over the weekend, Byggnadsvårdsföreningen accused Petra Tunberg of breaking the law when she renovated her apartment in 2015. Now Tunberg is responding to the accusations.

Photo: Instagram @petratungarden

It was during the weekend that Byggnadsvårdsföreningen published a post on Instagram where they highlighted one of Petra Tunberg’s previous posts on the same platform.

Lifted post from 2015

In the post – which is from 2015 – told Tungården about the planned renovations of his apartment:

“This is our new apartment. It is located in Östermalm. It is a third of 87 square meters to be blown out in total. The roof that is bruised will of course remain (love that roof and you must not touch it) and the three tile stoves. But the rest must in principle go away. We want to highlight the old and unique aspects of the home. We will open it up, make it more airy but, as I said, at the same time keep the old charm. We will add stucco in the other rooms and redo the floor plan completely. Now we’re talking about MONSTER STUCCOTURE. Haha,” she wrote.

“An offense that has gotten worse over time”

According to the Building Protection Association, Tungården describes in this post “a breach of the law”:

“The precautionary clause ch. 8 § 17 of the PBL applies to both exterior and interior changes”, they write on Instagram.

After Byggnadsvårdsföreningen’s post, Camilla Gervide, who runs Blog coverage, raised the allegations in his blog. In conjunction with this, she included a reply to her own comment on the post. There, Byggnadsvårdsföreningen justifies the fact that they chose to highlight a post from 2015:

“Although this post itself is dated, it is a good example of a phenomenon that has gotten worse over time. Many influencers promote their homes as part of their personal brand. The careless renovations and occasional total obliteration of unique interiors become an example for millions of people in Sweden. It doesn’t look good from a cultural-historical perspective, environment or climate”.

“I can only agree with them,” wrote Gervide.

Petra Tungården: “Check the facts”

Now Petra Tungården has responded to the criticism. In her story on Instagram, Tunberg writes that she was not contacted by Byggnadsvårdsföreningen before the publication of the post in question.

She also believes that the accusations are unfounded:

“Before any renovation began, a complete antiquarian impact analysis was made of Tyréns, which I happily shared with you,” she writes. “I guess you didn’t take part in it before you chose to publish the post on Instagram. I hope that the sender is aware of the rules on defamation according to Swedish law.”

Tunberg says that the changes she mentioned in the post from 2015 involved replacing a shower from the 90s, as well as a kitchen built by the previous owners. According to her, all changes were made in consultation with a building antique dealer.

“One tip is that you might ask for a comment before making such a big statement @byggnadsvardsforeningen – Or maybe actually checking the facts might be a way to go,” she writes.

Finally, Tungården aims a boot at Blogbevakning, which according to her “likes to ignite discussions like this”.

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