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Petra Mede opens up about the second pregnancy – having had a child on her own

Petra Mede has been secretive about her second pregnancy but has previously told us that there was no father in the picture. With Carina Bergfeldt, the mother of two reveals a few more details about the pregnancy and the daughter who was born at the beginning of August.

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Comedian Petra Mede, 52, had her second child this summer and has so far been tight-lipped about the details, although she previously said she chose to have children on her own. When she visited Carina Bergfeldt last Friday, she chose to share some more details about her second pregnancy.

Have had the second child on my own

In the program, she says that the daughter was born with the help of syringes. Somewhat jokingly, she also reveals that certain transactions were involved in the pregnancies. “How much my children have cost, even they don’t get to know,” she says to Bergfeldt in the program. The details of the pregnancies she has previously described as “all natural” and in response she says, with a twinkle in her eye, “Yes, with the help of all natural injections and all natural giant transactions.”

Petra Mede already has a daughter Adeline, 10, together with her ex Mattias Gunther. She has previously revealed in an interview in P4 extra that she has a deal with her daughter not to talk about her in public, or tell her what she thinks and thinks. “What she thinks, she gets, if, against the odds, she were to become a public figure, she gets to tell it when she grows up,” says Petra in the interview. In the same interview, she also told us that the second pregnancy had been “long-awaited.”

Source: P4 Extra

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