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Personal mobility, the new insurance that protects users regardless of the means of transport used

The new product of the Catalana Occidente insurance company covers the person in all those risk situations generated by the new urban mobility services, including options such as carsharing, bicycles, electric scooters, taxis, VTCs and also pedestrians.

Western Catalan Insurance just added to your offer personal mobility, an insurance that protects the person on their daily journeys, regardless of the transport chosen on their journey. This is a product adapted to the new personal mobility solutions that, unlike the rest of the proposals on the market, is personal insurance.

Together with the implementation of this new insurance, the Director of Individuals of Catalana Occidente, Antonio Tejeroexplain the following: ‘‘Travels made in one’s own vehicle such as a car or motorcycle are traditionally insured, but there are many other journeys made in other means of transport whose level of insurance is very low or non-existent. Aware of this, Personal Mobility adapts to the new ways of getting around that have gained ground, especially in urban environments”.

The coverage protects users who have their own mobility vehicle or make use of a rental service or sharing against accidents or unforeseen events. In this way, in the event of an accident, expenses for damage caused to the vehicle and the driver, theft, fire, civil liability and the cost of using an alternative transport service so that the insured can reach their destination are included. destiny.

This is Personal Mobility, the new insurance from Grupo Catalana Occidente that protects users regardless of the transport used

In the rental modalities or sharing It is a complementary service for the user, since the coverage offered by the mobility provider’s insurance is not duplicated. In addition, the Seguros Catalana Occidente policy also covers roadside assistance expenses and other expenses that may be charged by the service provider as a result of an accident.

Pedestrians and users of public transport are also protected, so that, in the event of an accident, Seguros Catalana Occidente will cover the personal damage they may suffer and personal civil liability. For their part, users of public transport who have suffered a mishap or breakdown of the means used will have the cost of complementary transport service covered, such as paying for a taxi or VTC to reach their destination.

As additional services, the insurance company also offers its clients the possibility of receiving the support of a legal advice service and a damage claim service, and legal defense. Finally, the product has two contracting modalities, with or without a personal mobility vehicle owned.

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