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Personal Driver Price – in 2022

A personal chauffeur, also called a personal driver, is a person who drives cars to a specific location. This type of driver is hired by a service or is self-employed.

While many services charge by the hour, businesses and even regular individuals can hire a driver long-term.

The price of a personal driver will depend on the geographic area, the service, the driver himself and how long the driver is needed.

How much does a personal driver cost?

For a personal driver who will be driving your vehicle, the rates they can vary between €25 and €100 per hour. Many driver services are going to have a minimum of 2 to 3 hours. For example, a round trip from three hours can cost between €75 and €300.

If you will also need the vehicle together with the driver, expenses can range between €45 and €130 per hour, depending on the type of vehicle.

Many personal drivers will request a four hour book. As soon as a reservation is made, the driver will provide a pick-up date and time. If it is a round trip, the driver can wait or come back later to be picked up. Some companies will offer their own vehicle, however if you search online what you might notice is that some will only use their own vehicle.

What kind of car do you need?

The model of the car you will need is among the most essential aspects to consider in determining how much a driver will cost you. If you just need a basic city car or a sedan, you should be prepared to pay lower prices.

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However, when we start talking about limousine rentals, particularly long limousines that can accommodate entire groups of people, the price is bound to rise noticeably. Rare and vintage cars are also priced at a premium just like exotic cars.

In general, the more common the vehicle, the less precious it will be, while the more distinctive and personalized it is, such as a limousine with a hot tub or a 1969 Corvette, the more precious the price will be.

  • High-end sedan: €60 per hour, with a minimum of three hours (€240)
  • SUV section: €100 per hour, with a minimum of three hours (€300)
  • Limousine for 10 people: €125, with a minimum of four hours (€500)
  • Limousine bus: €150 per hour, with a minimum of four hours (€600)
  • Limousine for 20 people: €225, with a minimum of six hours (€1,350)
  • Celebration bus: €250, with a minimum of six hours (€1,500)

What are the additional expenses?

Although it is optional, many drivers expect to receive a tip. these tips they can be from 10 to 20% of the total expense.

Last minute reservations made beyond the recommended time may incur an additional charge.

If the driver needs to wait to be picked up, he will charge for all this time even though he is not driving.

Overnight drivers will require paid room and board. This is often the case if they were to drive your vehicle and you would like them to drive to a location a couple of hours away.

Occasions and special dates

On New Year’s Eve and major sporting events like the Super Bowl, you can expect to pay double or even triple the rates for your chauffeur simply because demand is so high.

If you try to rent a limousine in New York City on New Years, you’ll see what we mean by that. These are also days when most people want to take time off work, so it will also make sense for the drivers themselves to want to be compensated at a higher rate.

Due to the fact that it is beneficial for the driver and limousine rental business to be fully booked on unique dates and occasions, they will usually only offer package deals rather than the typical hourly rate, which can also lead to increased in the price.

Time of day and week

In general, a driver will be more affordable during the day than at night and cheaper during the week than on weekends. This also has something to do with overall demand and how the driver and the business behind them like to schedule their hours. Working with a driver in Los Angeles, for example, is common during the day in such a car-oriented city and will cost less than at night.

Those who use a driver during the day and on weekdays tend to do so for business or practical reasons, while at night and on weekends the service is generally more recreation-oriented. Be prepared for rates to reflect these differences.

How can you save some money?

Seniors, military, and students often get discount fares. Check the service to see if discount fares are available.

Trips booked well in advance may result in a discounted rate.

If you need a personal driver due to a health issue, really consider using a taxi or Uber service. These vehicles can show up at your door in a matter of minutes and can be exactly the same price, if not much cheaper in some places.

Some companies have a VIP club which offers discount rates to those who shop regularly.

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