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Pernilla Wahlgren on Bianca Ingrosso’s wild birthday party: “Crazy”

Many have already named Bianca Ingrosso’s wild New Year’s and birthday party as the party of the year – but one who seems more than happy not to have attended is mother Pernilla Wahlgren.

Photo: Instagram @biancaingrosso

It was on New Year’s Eve that influencer, entrepreneur and TV personality Bianca Ingrosso took the opportunity to throw a big party in her luxury apartment at Östermalm in Stockholm.

Invite the neighbors

Ingrosso, who turned 28 on December 30, celebrated both New Year’s Eve and his birthday together with several famous faces – including Zara Larsson, Hedda Stiernstedt, and Molly Hammar. The evening started at the restaurant and nightclub Laroy, and ended with a cake party combined with dancing to the DJ in Ingrosso’s apartment until 05.00 in the morning.

Several famous faces took part in the festivities, including artists Zara Larsson and Molly Hammar. The party reportedly went on into the wee hours but the presumably high noise level probably didn’t bother Bianca’s neighbors – the comments section of her latest Instagram post reveals that at least some of them were invited to the party.

Another person who has commented on Bianca’s post is none other than her famous mother, Pernilla Wahlgren. Wahlgren, whose newly built villa on Lidingö was completed earlier in December, the daughter does not seem to envy her fall party:

“Crazy!!!!! Lucky I moved out hahaha…!” she writes.

Pep and curious about the new year

“It was disgusting and absolutely freaking awesome at the same time! I have never been so excited and curious for a new year with a new Bibbz! Let’s gooo! Feel it in my whole body that it will be incredible!” writes Bianca on Instagram stories.

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