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Pernilla Wahlgren – “I’m made to do reality”

Pernilla Wahlgren recently visited TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon to talk about the upcoming thirteenth season of Wahlgren’s world. In the interview, clips from the upcoming season were shown and Pernilla also told what it takes to be able to do reality television.

Photo: Instagram @pernillawahlgren

When Pernilla wahlgren visits Nyhetsmorgon to talk about the thirteenth season of the successful reality show “Wahlgren’s World”, she talks about the period when she lived in her daughter Bianca’s luxury apartment, which was otherwise empty. Pernilla herself has been in the middle of building a house, which created a gap of a year between her different homes.

Have moved in with the fiance

Today has Pernilla moved into her new house, where she lives with fiance Christian Bauer. When asked how he has managed to enter the large family that is constantly followed by cameras tells Pernilla that he has taken it well, and been a great asset to the series. “I’ll do it as long as I think it’s fun, as long as everyone else around me thinks it’s fun and as long as the viewers think it’s fun,” she says in the interview.

Photo: TV4

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But to live a life followed by cameras requires a little skin on the nose, says Pernilla in the interview. “I’m very open about my private life,” she says, but at the same time says that you can’t take too much of what others say. “I’m very cheerful and don’t care much about what other people think,” she says.

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