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Pernilla Wahlgren and Christian Bauer’s furniture quarrel – could not bring a chair to villa Wahlgren

When Christian Bauer wanted to bring a piece of furniture that had great sentimental value to Pernilla Wahlgren’s new villa on Lidingö, he was initially refused, something that Sofia Wistam talks about in the podcast Wahlgren & Wistam. Now, however, there has been a different sound in the barking.

Photo: Instagram @pernillawahlgren

In December, Pernilla Wahlgren told her followers on Instagram that her new villa on Lidingö was finally ready after several years of waiting. But when it came time to decorate the home, a conflict arose between Wahlgren and her fiance, Christian Bauer.

Turned out to be no

In the podcast Wahlgren & Wistamwhich Pernilla runs together with Sofia Wistam, Wistam tells about a conflict that arose between Wahlgren and her fiance when it came time to decide on furniture for the new house.

Wistam says that Bauer had come with a wish regarding a chair that belonged to his now deceased father. In the episode, Wistam impersonates Bauer:

“Then he says like this, ‘I would like a chair that I got from my father who no longer exists'” – a request to which Wahlgren is said to have immediately flatly refused.

“A precious memory”

In the podcast, Wahlgren explains that at first she was against the idea because many of her own favorite pieces of furniture would not be included in the move, but that she now feels that it was “100 percent right” that the chair should have a place in the house:

“First of all: his father is no longer alive and it was really the only piece of furniture that he wants to take with him and it’s the only piece of furniture that he saved from his father, so it’s a precious memory for him.”

All said and done: the other week, Pernilla posted a picture of the chair on Villa Wahlgren’s Instagram account.

“When me and my Christian decided to move in together in my newly built house, all the choices for interior design and furniture were already set. Christian didn’t mind this, as he didn’t mind my decor. Thank goodness..! But he really wanted to take ONE piece of furniture with him. This armchair from @laminobyswedese which he inherited from his beloved father Peter. We found a perfect spot for it in the music room! A nice piece of furniture, a nice memory – and in fact the only design piece of furniture in the house…!” she writes.

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