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Pernilla Sjöholm fell for “Tindersvindlaren” – now she has twins

Pernilla Sjöholm – one of the women who fell victim to the infamous Tinder scammer – has had twins, she says in a post on Instagram. “We are so happy,” she writes.

Photo: Instagram @pernillaelisabeths

Almost a year ago, the documentary was released The Tinder scammer on Netflix. The documentary is about Shimon Yehuda Hayut, who, under the name Simon Leviev, seduced women he met on the dating app Tinder, then cheated them out of large sums of money.

Through the documentary, viewers got to know three of Hayut’s victims, including Swedish Pernilla Sjöholm. Today, Sjöholm finds herself in a completely new place in her life – the fact is that she has just become a mother.

Had twins on New Year’s Day

In a post on Instagram, Pernilla says that she went to BB on New Year’s Eve, but once there, the birth took so long that her twins were born in 2023.

“We were very nervous, it was close that they were born in different years,” she writes. “Fortunately for them, it was a long labour. They were in good health during the delivery. But for me it was very difficult and I lost a lot of blood and got pre-eclampsia.”

Despite the problems, everything ended well for Pernilla and her new family:

“Mom and Dad are so happy that words cannot describe it. Our little hearts that were inside me are now outside of me. I can’t imagine ever having lived my life without you,” she writes.

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