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perfect line in 4 steps

The eyeliner doesn’t need to be a seven-headed bug! Check out the step-by-step to learn how to make the perfect outline.

learn to do outlinedwithout complications or errors, it’s simpler than you think.

Let’s be honest, eyeliner can become a real challenge and headache when putting on makeup. But it is also one of the items that will make the most difference in the final result. If, no matter how much you practice, you still can’t get the technique right, don’t worry: we bring you the best tips and tricks to get the stroke right.

From now on, you will stop skipping this step when putting on makeup and you will see that it will make all the difference in the final result.

The important thing is to take into account the shape of your eye, the intensity of the make-up, the type of eyeliner that is most suitable for you, and you’ll see that with a little practice you’ll crush this task.


Learn to outline

4 steps to a perfect outline

First of all, start by choosing an eyeliner. The offer nowadays is vast, and you will find different types of eyeliners: pencil, gel, pen or liquid.

Pencil is a great choice for beginners. Its soft tip is easy to handle, if you are not very familiar with this practice. When you don’t get the line right, you can blend it to disguise the imperfections.

Liquid eyeliner is ideal if you are looking for precision, and normally the tip is quite thin so that it can be swept away in the stroke. However, due to its fluidity it is important to have a steady hand when applying it.

If you don’t have that much experience, you can start with the gel eyeliner. This one, for being applied with the help of a thin or irregular brush, makes the process simpler.

Pen eyeliner is often preferred by women. Practical, it exists in different thicknesses, and facilitates the process when applying it.

For bolder makeup, try eyeliners in other shadessuch as vibrant or metallic colors.

See the step by step!

Moisturize the eyelid well before applying the eyeliner to ensure the durability of your make-up.

This is one of the fundamental steps, which you really cannot skip, in order to keep your eyeliner perfect for hours, is to hydrate your skin.

After cleansing the face, apply moisturizing cream, or firstaround the eye area and apply liquid foundation or dark circles concealer to even out the eyelid and disguise imperfections.

It’s time to start applying the eyeliner.

By starting at the tip, you will be able to define the intensity of the stroke. A great strategy is to start from the outside in.

Therefore, set a point where you want your outline to end. Start by drawing a line between the tip of the eyebrow and the outer corner of the eye, in the thickness and shape you have chosen.

amazing tricks

Use masking tape and place it between the outer side of your eye and the tip of your brow to create a mold for your eyeliner.

If you feel that you don’t have much motor coordination, keep your elbow supported when applying the product.

Now you’ll need to make a second line, going from the tip of the eyeliner to the inner part of your eye.

If it’s not perfect, don’t worry! Use a dark circles concealer to correct the line, or blend it out with a brush or eye shadow.


Sometimes less is more

If you don’t want a very dramatic stroke, make your stroke closer to the waterline of the eye.

To finish your outline, fill in the two lines.

Mark the design well kittenbut without exaggerating and without extending too long to avoid imperfections.

Use a cotton swab to remove excesses, and voila!

To achieve an even more striking look, apply eye mask or shadow to the lids.

How was it? Simple and quick, this small step in your make-up will make all the difference.

We are sure that with practice, you will learn to draw in no time!

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