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Pepe Aguilar showed off the thoroughbred horses used in the show where he sings with his children

At 54, Pepe Aguilar is enjoying a stage of plenitudebecause after having consolidated his career as one of the best representatives of ranchera music now it is his turn to hand over the baton to his children Ángela and Leonardo Aguilar.

And it is that this year his youngest daughter was the one who stood out the most in the music industry, largely due to his talent, but above all for the great advertising campaign implemented by his father who, through the show Jaripeo without bordersliterally made it known to the public that has followed him in his nearly 30-year career.

From north to south and from border to border, Pepe Aguilar toured a large part of the United States offering a musical and equestrian show just like his father, the famous Antonio Aguilar, did in the 70s.

That is how the public that had the opportunity to attend Jaripeo without borders had the pleasant experience of taking a tour of the successful musical career of Pepe Aguilar accompanied by his offspring and a stable of beautiful thoroughbred horses that filled the squares where they were presented with grace and color.

However, To please those who have not yet attended the shows of the Aguilar dynasty, Pepe decided to share some photos of his beautiful horses on his Instagram account.

It should be noted that the showy spectacle was cataloged by the billboard magazine as one of the best and on a par with those offered by other far-reaching figures in the entertainment industry such as the British Elthon Jhon, the Canadian The Weekend and the German band Ramstein.

Perhaps this is where the fact that Jaripeo without borders have several dates guaranteed for the following year, among the most important the one that will take place in the Plaza de Toros México, on March 4.

The ability of the Aguilars with horses is always a delight, it is not only seeing them and hearing them sing about the horses, but also the magic of their horses dancing and actingin addition to elegant costumes and charro elements from a rodeo that make up a beautiful stage structure, creating a unique show,” the site Super Boletos, the company in charge of marketing the tickets for the show, recently pointed out.

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