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Pepe Aguilar pampers his wife and dedicates the most romantic message in the world to her

The Aguilar family is wearing long tablecloths for the birthday celebration of Aneliz Álvarez, wife of Pepe Aguilar and mother of the talented singer, Angela Aguilarconsidered one of the greatest exponents of the Mexican regional today.

On his Instagram account, the interpreter of songs like “Promised”, “For women like you” and “Don’t talk to me about love” He shared a short video in which he showed his wife’s spectacular birthday celebration. All their fans agreed that the family looked spectacular.

In front of his millions of followers, Pepe Aguilar uploaded a recording in which Aneliz Álvarez is observed enjoying the company of her husband and their three children: Leonardo, Aneliz and Ángela. The members of the Aguilar Dynasty wore beautiful looks that stole all eyes.

One of the images that stole the most reactions on social networks is the one where Pepe Aguilar posed with his wife and all the children, even the Aguilar Álvarez family decided to integrate their two dogs into the celebration. The fans of the Mexican regional were delighted with how good all the members look.

The images that circulate on Instagram They were accompanied by a romantic message from Pepe Aguilar dedicated to his wife with whom he has given life to three of his four children..

In words, the greatest exponent of the Mexican regional wished his partner the best and asked them to continue together for many more years.

“I celebrate your life and the blessing of having you by my side, may God bless your steps and keep them united with mine for many more years. Happy birthday my queen Aneliz”.

As expected, the recent publication by Pepe Aguilar on the occasion of his sentimental couple did not go unnoticed by anyone, as all the fans of the regional Mexican genre wished him the best in his new year of life. In addition, they celebrated the great love that the sentimental couple has for each other.

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