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Pepe Aguilar exhibits his son for not being able to pay for a suite and the fans attack him | VIDEO

Once again the Aguilar family is in the eye of the hurricane. This time Pepe Aguilar He made controversial statements again, but unlike other times, he did so against his son Leonardo Aguilarwhom he exhibited on social networks of not being able to pay for his own suite.

Within the framework of the presentation of Leonardo Aguilar’s new record material, his famous father put him in check. This after both showed off a beautiful hotel suite to record a piece of their new song.

To later upload it to their social networks and thus promote their work, but things did not turn out as planned.

In the video available from Leonardo’s official Instagram, you can see the moment he enters the bedroom where the interpreter of “For Women Like You” is.

With the sincerity that characterizes him, Pepe Aguilar comments that they had to take the shots in his space, since Leonardo still can’t afford a place like that.

The singer does not give importance to what his father points out, but his followers on social networks they went against Pepe Aguilar and called him “conceited” and even wrote that he should let him sing alone and not go out with him.

In addition, there was no shortage of those who predicted a lot of success for Leonardo and pointed out that he would be so well known that he would exceed the fame of his ancestors.

How is the new album by Leonardo Aguilar?

Under the production of the Machine Records label, Leonardo Aguilar unveiled his recent record material, which is already available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music or YouTube Music, according to information from the artist, the compilation is named “And I did it again” like one of the singles.

The songs that make up the album are: “The beginning of the end”, “That’s why you”, “Tres cruces”, “I want her the same”, “I can’t fall”, “I don’t know what to do”, “A little if it was the best”, “As if he hadn’t left”, “I couldn’t do it better” and finally “And I did it again”, it should be noted that some of the pieces had already been presented to the public.

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