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Pepe Aguilar counterattacks and again generates controversy about his daughter Ángela Aguilar and her love for Argentina | VIDEO

Pepe Aguilar assures that if his fans stop following him because of his comments, then they never really were.

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One more time Pepe Aguilar It caused controversy on social networks because in his Christmas message he took the opportunity to launch a new attack against his daughter’s haters Angela Aguilarwho caused controversy for declaring himself 25% Argentine and celebrating the Albiceleste championship in Qatar 2022.

It should be remembered that all this controversy originated on December 18 when the Argentine team won its third World Cup title, which made Ángela go crazy with joy because she assured that Argentine blood runs through her veins. which made her the target of all kinds of criticism and ridicule from hundreds of Internet users, because in the end she lives off Regional Mexican Music and not from Argentinaas well as the Aztec and Hispanic public in the United States.

First of all, the commotion that was caused, Ángela Aguilar preferred to remain silent and has not commented on the subject again, however, Pepe Aguilar did not do the same and first dedicated himself to answering comments in the publication that his youngest daughter who declared himself 25% Argentine.

Later he made a video in which he explained why “La Princesa del Regional Mexicano”, as well as his brothers, do have Argentine blood and to top it off, he assured that he is willing to defend his family against any malicious comment.

“Angela’s grandmother is one hundred percent Argentine, she was born in Buenos Aires and her mother (Aneliz Álvarez) is half Argentine, because her mother is Argentine and her father is from Chihuahua and obviously Angela is happy when her team wins. Grandma”.


These were the words of Pepe Aguilar during a live in which he assured that “they messed with the lion” referring to the fact that he will not allow more mockery and insults for his daughter.

last weekend, Pepe Aguilar took advantage of his social networks to send a Christmas message to all his followers and taking advantage of the occasion he also made use of irony and he sent a small message to Ángela Aguilar’s haters showing that he is still not willing to take his finger off the line.

“Friends, Merry Christmas, eat well, have a good time father with your family, we love you, bye and up Argentina! Oh no!” These were the words of Pepe Aguilar, who was somewhat amused for continuing to “bother” the detractors of his family.

As mentioned before, Ángela Aguilar has not issued a single word regarding this new controversy in which she is involved, however, the famous family has also had the support of thousands of their fans and other show business celebritieswho have asked them to ignore these types of comments that only seek to generate controversy.

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