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People Evaluate Taking Out Life Insurance After the Pandemic

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, Brazilians began to understand the fact of the vulnerability of life. As a result, companies specializing in life insurance expanded coverage for those who wanted more security. The trend is for the market to grow even more over the years.

What this article covers:

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is basically a contract where the holder pays a stipulated amount monthly or semi-annually, it depends on the plan and the insurer who will hire

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The purpose of the contract is to guarantee compensation to the chosen beneficiaries in case something happens to the holder. With it, it is possible to reduce the anxieties of everyday life, as your family members will be safe in case something unexpected happens.

It is possible not only to contract plans in case of death, but also in case there are incidents that have consequences such as disability, diagnoses of severe illnesses and even long-term hospitalization.

Impact of the Pandemic on the recognition of the importance of insurance?

The pandemic and rising cases of hospitalizations and deaths have made people think better about the future. With the emotional sensitized, seeing the risk everywhere, life insurance solidified, with a rise in plan closures.

In Brazil, life insurance is the second most contracted benefit, second only to health plans.

For companies, the pandemic has revealed many points regarding the well-being of their employees. Therefore, in some cases, companies started offering life insurance voluntarily, without any imposition.

Now, there is a considerable increase in coverage, with a growth from 14% to 29.5% in case of absences due to serious illnesses.

What is life insurance for?

The fact that life is unpredictable is a reality, which is why many people look for life insurance to prevent occurrences that are harmful to the family. Life insurance is a service that aims to financially protect all family members and dependents of the person who hired it.

With it, it is possible to live and enjoy life better, without future worries, as everything is streamlined and taken care of by the contracted insurance company.

With life insurance everyone can be sure that their dependents will have no financial problems if something happens to the plan holder.

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