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Pension supplement for dependent spouse: how to apply?

The supplementary pension for a dependent spouse is support for people with a low pension and a spouse with almost zero income. Know how to order.

THE supplementary pension for dependent spouse is financial support for pensioners whose spouses have very low incomes.

To access this supplement, the income of the retired person and his/her spouse are taken into account. The value undergoes periodic updates, and in 2023 it is 40.95 euros per month.

The pension supplement for a dependent spouse is paid together with the pension. In the months of July and December, and as with the renovation, the payment is double.

Dependent Spouse Pension Supplement: Who is Entitled?

To gain access, it is necessary to meet several conditions related to the couple’s income and the type of pension they receive.

So, one of the members of the couple must be receiving an old-age and disability pension from the general scheme. The renovation must have begun before January 1, 1994.

the husband or wife you cannot have income and, if you do, it must be less than 40.95 euros per month.

The applicant’s pension cannot exceed 600 euros. This figure includes all pensions of the same nature. That is, pensions in their own right, such as disability, old age, retirement or retirement are added up. Derivative-law pensions, such as survivors’, widowhood or orphans’ pensions, are added to derivative-law pensions.

Can it accumulate with other supports?

The supplementary pension for spouses can be combined with an old-age pension, disability pension and Social Benefit for Inclusion.

The value of this support is 40.95 euros per month, but only in cases where the spouse has no income. If you have them, the amount of the complement becomes the difference between those incomes and the amount of the complement. For example, if the spouse has a monthly income of 20 euros, the supplement is 19.06 euros.

How can I apply for the supplementary pension for a dependent spouse?

To request this support it is necessary to fill in the form RP 5069-DGSS – Request for Supplement for a Dependent Spouse. This document, which identifies the applicant, spouse and income, must be submitted together with others that prove the data.

Thus, and in addition to the pensioner’s birth certificate with the registered marriage, photocopies of:

  • Pensioner’s taxpayer card;
  • Valid identification document of the person you are married to. It can be the Citizen Card, Identity Card, civil registry certificate, birth certificate or passport;
  • Income statement (IRS);
  • If the applicant did not sign the form himself, a copy of the identification document of the person who signed it.

Where can you order?

You can deliver this documentation to the Social Security services, including the Centro Nacional de Pensões, or send it by post.

In this case, you must also send an addressed and stamped envelope for the Social Security to return the receipt that proves the delivery of the application.

The response to the request for supplementary pension for a dependent spouse arrives, on average, within 60 days.

What obligations does the recipient have?

If the answer is positive and you start receiving the supplementary pension for a dependent spouse, you will have to fulfill two obligations before Social Security. One and keep your address always updated together with these services. the other is notify this entity of any change in the spouse’s income.

If you are no longer entitled to the pension you receive or if your spouse’s income exceeds €40.95 per month, you will no longer receive the dependent spouse pension supplement.

Article originally published in July 2019. Last updated in January 2023.

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