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Penny Parnevik’s strong reaction to Carina Bergfeldt’s questions to sister Peg

It was when sister Peg Parnevik was a guest on SVT’s “Bergfeldt” that Penny Parnevik expressed criticism of the presenter on social media. The criticism was directed at the questions that Carina Bergfeldt chose to ask Peg during the interview.

Photo: SVT

In addition to Peg Parnevik, newspaper profile Amelia Adamo was a guest on the talk show hosted by Carina Bergfeldt. Peg, who was also invited to perform the song “Failed and Hated”, was asked about who the song was about, but also about how she was influenced by coming from a famous family.

Photo: SVT

Thought the interview had the wrong focus

Penny Parnevik wrote under the program that she was looking forward to the interview, but then posted a post criticizing Bergfeldt’s questions.

Above all, she was critical of so much focus being placed on the sisters’ grandfather, the showman Bosse Parnevik, and the father, the golfer Jesper Parnevik. “Oh was so excited for this interview but was a little disappointed.

It was about grandpa having a great career, dad having a great career, but as far as Peg’s career, they were just curious if the song is about her ex?” Penny was also critical of Amelia Adamo and Carina Bergfeldt jokingly calling Peg a “shrimp sandwich child”.

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