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Pee Wee celebrates his 34th birthday in the midst of a controversy for allegedly having a relationship with a man

PeeWee was part of the Kumbia Kings and the Kumbia All Starz.

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The singer and actor Pee Wee He is celebrating his 34 years, but he is not going through his best moment, since a few days ago an entertainment magazine allegedly revealed that he would have an affair with his manager, Pepe Rincón, which put the artist in the public eye.

Pee Wee’s real name is Irvin Martinez Salinas and was born in Othello, Washington, but at the age of 13 he moved to McAllen, Texas, where he met Selena’s brother, AB Quintanilla.

He was invited to a casting for the video of a band, Pee Wee at the age of 16 accepted and began his career in show business, as part of the group Kumbia Kings, where he debuted with the song “Sabes a chocolate”, which made him rise to fame, as it was a huge success in 2000.

Alleged romance with his manager

Pee Wee’s fame was increasing, thanks to his singles like “Na na na na”, which was also known as “My sweet girl”, but the band kumbia kings separated due to legal issues.

Over time, AB Quintanilla created Kumbia All Starz and added the young Pee Wee, who again was a success and performed singles like “Chiquilla”.

However, the working relationship with Quintanilla did not last long, as it was revealed that he treated Pee Wee badly and in 2008 he decided to continue his path as a soloist with singles like “Life Is a Dance Floor”, “Quédate” and “Cumbayá”. .

The singer had several appearances on television, since he was in “The Dream Showwhere she competed alongside the Fuentes twins to pay for an aunt’s rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

Over time, Pee Wee made his way to fame, but on December 6 a magazine claimed that the singer he was married to his representative Pepe Rincón 3 years ago, something that he denied and stated that he would start a legal process against the magazine for defamation.

Meanwhile, the Mexican-American artist has not commented on this information.

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