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Pedri receives a paper from a fan who allegedly had his phone number written (Video)

Pedri González, FC Barcelona player.

Photo: Aitor Alcalde / Getty Images

Pedri González, the star midfielder of FC Barcelona, ​​received a piece of paper from a fan during an eventthis after being photographed with her, the aforementioned paper would have the phone number of the girl according to reports from various sports media that have given coverage to said information.

At his young age, Pedri González is one of the stellar figures in the midfield of Xavi Hernández’s FC Barcelona and comparisons have rained with heavyweights and history of the Barça teamAt the age of 20, it seems that the leading role in his team does not weigh him down and neither does he have when he has played in the national team.

In the said video, It is observed how a fan approaches Pedri to take a picture with him and immediately leaves him a piece of paper, the footballer took it and very discreetly put it in his pocketthere she would have her telephone number, although it was not known later if the Spaniard contacted her or not.

The event occurred at an event against childhood obesity that Pedri attended and caused a furor among those present, including the aforementioned fanatic who decided to leave her phone number to the Spanish crack. It should be noted that Pedri is currently injured so he has not been in the games with Barca, however he has assured that he is doing everything possible to return quickly to the pitch.

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