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‘Pedophilia’ and other words that can block your WhatsApp account • ENTER.CO

Watch out! This could lead to the blocking of your WhatsApp account. You are in the middle of an animated conversation with friends and in the middle of the conversation you use words like “pornography” or “pedophilia”.

There is a list of words that are prohibited on WhatsApp and the reason is simple: it is to avoid harassment, discrimination or any other type of violence within the messaging network. This is part of the new implementations for the security of WhatsApp accounts. So decided to censor a series of words that would help moderate the type of content that is shared on this platform.

This measure is part of the terms and conditions that are included as part of the use of the social network. Therefore, failure to comply with these rules could cause the definitive closure of the account. In the particular case of WhatsApp, it is not allowed to mention the words pornography, pedophilia or derivative terms, during the conversation.

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In addition to those that we have already mentioned, you should know that there are other words that are prohibited on the platform. Such as threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing and hate speech. Using them in a conversation could result in an account penalty. It is the same thing that happens in other cases when they share fake newsmisstatements or misleading claims.

In WhatsApp there are other ways by which the account can be invalidated, such as sending illegal or inadmissible communications. In most cases, WhatsApp account lockouts are usually temporary. So this could be recovered after the penalty period. In some cases, the sanction could apply permanently for that cell phone number, although it is not a guarantee because the same person could use it with different numbers.

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