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PDT deputies do not give in to Ciro Gomes’ threat and maintain support for the proposal

Even after an unexpected decision by former minister Ciro Gomes to suspend his pre-candidacy for the Planalto Palace, party deputies PDT stated that they will maintain their support for the proposal sent for an Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) regarding the installment of precatorios payments. This approval by 15 pedetistas proved a certain shock within the Party, with Ciro conditioned to return to the election only with a new evaluation of his position.

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What is the PEC of precatories?

The PEC of precatorios aims to establish a limit for the payment of government debts already recognized in court, which led a large part of the opposition to call it “PEC do default”.

Among those who remain unpaid are teachers from up to four states that depend on the Union to transfer funds from FUNDEF, an old fund that finances education. It is expected that they will receive up to 3 installments.

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This rule, however, serves as a kind of dribble on the government spending ceiling, limiting the development of inflation. The idea is to expand the space in the budget for the new Auxílio Brasil, with an average payment amount of 400 reais.

This measure, however, also opens up an extra space of R$91.6 billion in the budget. What would fit both for the new aid and for some parliamentary amendments and the value for the 2022 Electoral Fund.

What did Ciro Gomes do to make the party give up supporting the proposal?

Despite Ciro Gomes manifesting himself against the votes on this issue, the party continued to maintain its vote for the approval of this modality. This means that there is stability in the party and a possible withdrawal of Ciro from the election, which many are not worried about, as they do not believe in his withdrawal.

Party members are studying a way to reach a solution so that there is no discrepancy between both sides, and prevent Ciro from no longer running for President of the Republic.

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