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Payroll loans: complaints about fraud increase

The payroll loan is a way to borrow money more advantageously due to its lower interest rates than other types, but despite this it also has some disadvantages.

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This year, the number of complaints regarding fraud related to the use of payroll loans increases, to understand, follow the following topics.

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What is payroll credit?

Payroll credit is the type of loan in which an amount is requested, and you then have to pay the amount of loan installments charged directly on payroll. This is a discount that falls directly on salary and retirement.

Although it seems disadvantageous at first sight, the truth is that it has some advantages, among them are lower interest rates, so that it can be something useful in emergency situations. In addition, he is easier to hire, and avoids greater debts in the long term by not having the possibility to postpone payment.

What types of payroll loan fraud?

Many frauds occurred through the leakage of customer data, but the banks and the INSS did not assume responsibility for this occurrence. In this year, 2021, fraud increased by 91% compared to 2020, jumping from 42,508 cases with reported complaints to 81,356, a value corresponding to almost double. As for the type of complaints about fraud with payroll loans, according to the Sindec the increase in complaints rose by 172%, more than double, making it one of the most recurrent problems of the year.

Most of the time, fraud occurs through leakage of customer data that occurs due to the failure or bad faith of some companies, and through this leak, scammers can gain access to customer data and use them to apply fraud.

Scams can occur through phone calls in which the scammer pretends to be an employee of a particular bank and offers the loan asking for confidential user data, a situation that often occurs with older people, who are the main victims of scams due to their vulnerability.

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