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Payroll Loan Simulation

Today, the use of payroll loan simulation has become frequent in the national market, as people are turning to this type of tool to seek their independence, whether buying a car, land or house, or buying a consumer dream.

The loan has become an excellent source, due to the low interest rates and the convenience of installments in several installments. However, you have to be careful where the loan is taken and its interest rates. Always look for the best interest rate and the best bank.

Payroll Loan Simulation (Photo: FreePik)

What this article covers:

Payroll Loan Simulation

Many people wonder how the payroll loan simulation?? The payroll loan is fixed directly on the payroll, that is, it is used as a discount every month and cannot be withdrawn. That is, if you have to pay 100.00 reais of loan per month, this amount will be deducted from your salary, every month.

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What is a payroll loan?

The meaning of payroll is linked to the particularity of this credit. Understand that it is deducted directly from your paycheck, payslip or INSS benefit. This is a more common option for civil servants, retirees and pensioners. This happens because these people are more confident that they will receive payments.


The installments are deducted directly from salary or retirement. In practice, it means that a part of the income is compromised even before the money arrives in the consumer’s account.

If not well thought out, this can make your planning difficult and increase expenses with interest payments, and may even lead to over-indebtedness. If you are already in debt, access Serasa Limpa Nome to renegotiate your debts and clear your name.


Currently, more than 20% of Brazilian families’ income is used just to pay off their debts. This data is from the Central Bank and already includes interest. The percentage has doubled in size over the last ten years and continues to grow.

The number of payroll loans grows

Money is deducted directly from the payment (Photo: FreePik)

Money is deducted directly from the payment (Photo: FreePik)

Even because of these facilities, the payroll loan is gaining ground in the market, as it is the one that does not need slips or booklets, the amount is automatically debited when you receive your salary, especially for INSS pensioners, which is where the interest rates are lower, such as This is the case of the INSS payroll loan. In addition, the payroll loan is an option for large companies, which deduct the amount through payrolls.

How to simulate?

To make a payroll loan simulation for retirees is simple, just access the website and enter the data of your region and the type of loan that the system will automatically give the partial of the amount financed, it is worth noting that the amount often has some differences, for more or for less. However, the simulation serves as a basis if you are interested in seeking a loan.

You have to save to not run out of money (Photo: FreePik)

You have to save to not run out of money (Photo: FreePik)

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Learn more at your preferred bank

If you are interested in a payroll loan, look for your bank now and learn more. You can make your payroll loan at Banco Itaú, Caixa Econômica, Banco do Brasil and several other loan operators spread throughout the national territory.

Value can help at the moment, but with lack of control the situation can get tangled up (Photo: FreePik)

Value can help at the moment, but with lack of control the situation can get tangled up (Photo: FreePik)

Do you know any companies that offer good interest rates? Leave your comment and participate with us, helping users, so that they can make a good deal, always targeting quality companies with good interest rates for payroll loans.

government banks

Government banks facilitate the loan in several ways (Photo: Disclosure)

Government banks facilitate the loan in several ways (Photo: Disclosure)

Banks like Brazil and Caixa have some facilities for those who want to access the loan. Anyone who wants to have that money and have a discount directly from their payroll can look for these banks, because in addition to the low interest rates, or more affordable in the face of the financial crisis, these banks facilitate credit, especially if it is deducted directly from the payroll of the worker. Consult one of the two banks for more details and remember that not every company performs this procedure, but compared to the unsecured loan, it is the best way out.

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