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payment terminals without monthly fees or contractual loyalty

myPOS payment terminals are the answer to the wishes of many merchants. No fixed monthly fees or long-term contractual obligations.

Physical money has been consistently losing ground when it comes to commercial transactions. Payment terminals are beginning to accept a range of payment solutions that many consumers no longer give up.

However, for merchants, this can be a somewhat demanding scenario, as a result of the many charges that traditional terminals entail. This is where myPOS comes in, offering state-of-the-art terminals at very affordable prices (from 29 euros).

They offer integrated and affordable payment solutions, thanks to a partnership with Visa, a leader in digital payments, which supported myPOS in the most innovative technology to help SMEs accept digital payments and are substantially changing the way businesses accept payments. card through all channels, whether at the counter, online or through mobile devices.

With myPOS terminals, all companies, regardless of their size, can solve payment challenges without fear of sacrificing margins beyond what is acceptable. Based on a careful process of innovation, and incorporation of the most modern technologies, myPOS terminals are the answer to the countless questions and reservations that many merchants still ask when faced with the need to evolve, for example, towards online solutions, such as payments by smartphone, email or SMS.


Seeking to fully cover the needs of the market, the myPOS offers a range of debit and credit card payment terminals, suitable for small and medium-sized companies operating in the transport, hotel, retail, leisure, food and beverage and e-commerce sectors and also in unattended stations such as vending or parking .

They process the main types of cards (chip, PIN, magnetic stripe and contactless), supporting all the main operators, such as Visa. From the more compact yet powerful myPOS Go to the innovative Android-based Carbon and Slim, there’s always a solution that best suits your business.

Also of capital importance when choosing the new payment terminal for your company is the fact that the myPOS not have monthly or annual service fees, that is, the merchant only pays for the services used. This is a fundamental difference for traditional terminals, usually tied to contracts with different loyalty clauses and commissions beyond reasonable. Well, myPOS terminals work in a logic of freedom and total transparency.

So, if you want to open a myPOS account, you can do it for free online, from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, just follow the instructions and fill in all the data. On average, the verification process takes around 72 hours, but in the meantime, you can start right away using the terminal for credit card payments.

More information at www.mypos.eu or [email protected]

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A powerful platform, no monthly fees!

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