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Paulina Rubio absent at her mother’s birth mass

Six months after the death of actress Susana Dosamantes, a mass was held in her honor to celebrate the anniversary of her birth. The religious act took place in the parish of La Santa Cruz del Pedregal, in Mexico City, but the great absentee was his daughter, the singer Paulina Rubio.

The fact that the so-called ‘Golden Girl’ did not listen drew attention, since it was in the public domain that while the actress lived they had a very close relationship. Although Rubio was not present, Luis Rivas, widower of Dosamantes, was present, who also expressed her wish for the actress to have a tribute at the Palace of Fine Arts due to her extensive career.

According to ‘El Universal’, Rivas was moved and stated that the family did think that Susana deserves a tribute for her career. “She never collapsed at any time, she was always a great woman, we did not leave anything unfinished, there was nothing written to be able to do, simply and simply we went day by day, always enjoying, always together“, said.

Regarding the absence of Paulina, Luis indicated that she was invited to the religious ceremony, but it was difficult for her to arrive because she has professional activities, in addition to taking care of her children. The widower of Dosamantes added that he has had communication with the interpreter of ‘Not a single word’ confirming that there is closeness and affection.

“Among all of us we support each other with affection, good will, good wishes, as it should be, we have been very well-balanced, they were many years together; the mass is a beautiful gesture, but it is little for what it deserves”.

In the first days of July of last year, Susana Dosamantes died at the age of 74, her last wish was that her remains be taken to Mexico City, something that Paulina fully complied with, a few days after the actress died. By fulfilling the last will of her mother, the “Golden Girl” thanked the media for the coverage of what happened.

“We are very grateful to all the media and to all the public for the expressions of love, affection and respect for my mother. I want to tell you that we really appreciate this love and this affection for all the different manifestations towards my mother, ”she said.

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