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Paul Stanley was betrayed by his car and has the most embarrassing moment outside Televisa | VIDEO

paul stanley He starred in an awkward moment in his desire not to be stalked by journalists when he left Televisa, as it turns out that the beloved host of “Hoy” intended to flee at full speed aboard his luxury classic car.

However, he did not count that his vehicle was going to play a trick on him and it broke down the few meters leaving him at the mercy of the representatives of the media, who captured the entire moment of the mishap.

This peculiar moment occurred a couple of days ago, when Paul Stanley was preparing to leave the Televisa facilities after having participated in the famous morning show where he works.

But when he noticed the presence of the journalists, he tried to flee at full speed in his powerful Mustang model 66, which he himself has been in charge of modifying, however, to A few meters from the television station, his car turned off and he could no longer move, so the “Ventaneando” cameras immediately came up to question him..

“They threw me the salt, huh” were the first words Paul Stanley said when he noticed the presence of the cameras and jokingly assured that seeing him “handsome and with a nice car” would make the journalists envy caused the failure and because a couple of people who were with him immediately got out to check the engine, the car was able to start again after their respective push.

It is worth mentioning that, before leaving, Paul Stanley explained that his imposing car is a project that he started from scratch more than a year ago, however, since it is already a classic, it is common for it to have these types of failures, Although he was very happy because it is a “very nice” car, so after saying these words he fled.

When presenting the capsule of the shameful moment that Paul Stanley spent, the headlines of “Ventaneando” branded the “Hoy” driver as “malora” and assured that his incident was the work of karma because the reporter of the program led by Pati Chapoy was not looking for generate controversy or anything like that and Paco Stanley’s son accidentally gave the note.

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