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Paul Stanley explodes against the creators of the Paco Stanley bioseries, where Belinda and Diego Boneta work and prepares a lawsuit | VIDEO

After being uncovered the first details of the bioseries inspired by the life of the famous television host, paco stanleywho was unfortunately assassinated in 1999 in the vicinity of a restaurant located in the south of Mexico City.

The little that is known about the series is that it will have the participation of Amazon Prime Video and will star figures such as Belinda, Diego Boneta and Luis Gerardo Mendez. The celebrities confirmed their participation with different messages published on social networks.

before the announcement, Paul Stanley, son of Paco Stanley, he took a few minutes in front of the television cameras to talk about the new project that involves his father. His statements gave a lot to talk about in the entertainment industry. Here all the details.

In one of the recent transmissions of the “Today program”, Paul Stanley took advantage of the space to talk about the series of the famous driver. His statements surprised everyone since most believed that he was directly involved in the production.

Without holding anything back, the also host of “Miembros Al Aire” assured that the bioseries is “yellowish” and it is based on his father’s last hours alive, something he does not agree with considering that Paco Stanley is more than what will be shown.

“It is a project with a lot of fiction, very sensationalist that talks about the last moments alive of my father Paco Stanley”


The most emotional moment of the broadcast occurred when the young driver assured that the story He treats his father as a “criminal”, so he did not close the possibility of proceeding legally against the bioseries that would be released in the coming months.

“In various fragments they tell the story and treat my dad like a criminal”

Finally, the host of the “Hoy program” explained that they tried to get closer to those in charge of the series, but put more “canteen” in it, but unfortunately that could not be done. His colleagues gave him all their support.

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