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Paty Navidad’s participation in ‘The House of Celebrities’ is in danger for not wanting to get vaccinated against COVID-19 | VIDEO

Once again Patty Christmas is under public scrutiny, after recently reporting that she was unable to travel to the United States because she was prevented from entering for not being vaccinated against Covid-19.

Well, we must remember that the actress decided not to inject herself against the disease that unleashed a pandemic. Meanwhile, many wonder if this situation could affect her participation in “The House of Famous 3”, a reality show in which he could be left out by not being able to enter the US.

The actress met the press at the Mexico City Airport and revealed that the airline did not let her on their flight because she was not vaccinated.

The driver also indicated that despite not being immunized, a coronavirus test was performed, which came out negative. Nevertheless, this was not enough for them to let her board the plane to the United Stateswhere he will soon join the talent of Telemundo.

“We cannot travel because they care a lot about our health, they are really worried. I brought a PCR test where I am perfectly healthy, but no; Mexicans cannot leave Mexico if we are not vaccinated, because when they enter the United States they do not ask for it. I am not anti-vaccination, I am anti-experiments as I have always said, I am not vaccinated and I am not going to get vaccinated”.


Christmas, 49 yearsinsisted that he is not going to be vaccinated, so he is confident that things will change before he enters the third season of “The House of Celebrities”, a program in which he is expected to reveal more details of his discussion with Sabine Moussier .

Paty wanted to travel to Miami to start promoting the Telemundo reality showwhere he will be one of the celebrities who will be locked in a house filmed 24 hours a day.

However, it was impossible for him to reach his destination, but it is hoped that he can be in the program in due time and form, since according to what he revealed, it was a decision of the airline and not of the country, so it could soon reach the neighboring nation.

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