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Paty Navidad remembers when she was in intensive care, connected to cables and unable to go to the bathroom

It’s been just over two weeks since Paty Navidad entered ‘The House of Famous‘ in its third season, a time in which it has given a lot to talk about, because after assuring that is “Pleiadian”, and feels that it is definitely not of this worldnow he recalled one of the most difficult moments he has experienced when she had to be hospitalized and spent several days in intensive care even though it wasn’t necessary.

In August 2021 it was announced that Paty Navidad was in serious condition in the hospital and that she had even had to enter the intensive care area. Although very little was known at first and it was speculated that she would have contracted COVID-19 and her serious condition would be a consequence of not getting vaccinated, some time later the actress faced the scandal and clarified that she never had Coronavirus, and in reality it was a double pneumonia which kept her for a few days under special care.

However, it was during his recent entry into the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos” in its third season that he finally revealed what happened more than a year ago and the moments he lived inside the hospital.

According to the talk he had with Aleida NunezPaty Navidad was in the intensive care area where she remembers that she was given “liters of cortisone” for which she still has side effects, but that was not the worst, because as she recalled, she had to speak with doctors and managers so that they You will be transferred to another area of ​​the hospital.

“I negotiated to be transferred to intermediate therapy, I negotiated the doctors and managers thereI mean, where have you seen an intensive care patient negotiating with the doctors to get them to transfer you to intermediate therapy?

Among the worst memories is that she could not move because she was connected to cables, even without being able to go to the bathroom, despite the fact that she felt fine and they had her by force in the wrong area.

“It’s not fair, here I am screaming, I want to go to the bathroom, he has me connected with 25 cables in each arm and I can’t go and I was the only one.”

Patty Christmas

He clarified that he dares to say what he experienced because it is his “only reality”, although he is aware that there are people who have gone through different situations.

“I had to live it, there will be people who have the opposite, but something else was said and something else was sold and that was not the reality.” she added.

Within the controversial confessions around the attacks she received in the middle of the pandemic for expressing her way of thinking, Paty assures that there are celebrities who died after attacking her.

“All the people in the middle who jumped on me because of the COVID, and who said that I hoped and died, died. I am not telling you names because… very well-known, several, ”he commented to Osmel Sousa moderating the tone of voice.

He ended by assuring that he does not wish evil on anyone, but those who have wished him something “return it”.

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