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Paty Navidad is prohibited from traveling to the US for not having a vaccine against covid

Paty Navidad is a reference in the middle of the show, for more than two decades she has positioned herself as a versatile actress who can play various roles, but in recent years she has attracted attention for their positions regarding the covid vaccine.

Christmas openly refused to receive the immunization, at first his comments were criticized and refuted on social networks, he even hardened his way of thinking in the context of the confinement that occurred globally. Her way of expressing herself, by topic, resulted in the closure of his Twitter account.

With the return to daily activities, Paty, like many of her colleagues, have returned to the world of entertainment, but a limitation to participate in various programs and projects has to do with the fact that she does not have her doses of vaccines, which is closing her the labor doors in the United States.

The 49-year-old actress was invited to be part of the cast of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, produced by Telemundo, but was unable to make the trip due to immunization issues. Given what happened, Navidad indicated in an interview that could not board the plane to get to the promotion of the program.

“I arrive at the Aeroméxico (airline company) counter and it turns out that Mexicans and no nationality, except Americans, are the ones who can travel without vaccines or PCR,” said the actress from Sinaloa, Mexico with an annoyed tone of voice.

Paty added that the position of the Mexican company violates the rights of passengers who want to travel to the United States, adding that Aeroméxico argued that they restricted their travel because they do not want to risk the health of the crew. According to the interpreter, the immigration authorities do not ask for proof of vaccinations in US territory.

I am not anti-vaccines, I am anti-experiments as I have always said. I am not vaccinated and I am not going to get vaccinated, even less now knowing that I am not the only one, there are many people who think similarly and now it turns out that our rights are being taken away because we are not vaccinated.

Despite her annoyance, the Sinaloan indicated that she hopes that things will change, since she wants to join the cast of the famous Telemundo program. So far, the television station has not issued an official position on what happened.

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