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Paty Navidad confesses that she was mistreated in a novel where she was with Lucero and Mariana Seoane | VIDEO

Patty Christmas He again gave something to talk about with his most recent and controversial statements. Well, this time she broke the silence about the ordeal that she experienced in the soap opera “Por ella soy Eva”, which is already 10 years old since its premiere. Since then, she said, she has worked to forgive and understand that nothing that happened was personal.

In an interview with Michelle Rubalcava for her YouTube channel, The also host recalled the bullying she was a victim of while participating in the melodrama.

Until now this remained a rumor in which they pointed to Mariana Seoane and the Mexican singer, Lucero, as those responsible for making “life impossible” for her scene partner, but it was Christmas who confirmed it by giving details about it without mentioning the actresses.

“It’s been so long that I wouldn’t dare point to anyone because everyone participated, really. So it’s nothing against me, it’s more against themselves; everyone will know who participated and who did not. I already forgave everything and I wish them the same as I wish for myself.”


She also assured that she has already forgiven him for everything that happened thanks to the work she has done with herself “to clean up” her feelings.emotions and thoughts, something that has helped him understand that nothing is personal and what we “give is what we are”.

“It is already overcome, forgiven, I am glad when I see that they are doing well. Everyone wants what everyone has, that is, they say that what abounds in the heart comes out of our mouths.

The mistreatment that the actress said she suffered during the recording of the soap opera by Mariana Seoane and Lucero was not the only difficult moment that marked their participationWell, he also revealed that it was in this same project that someone would have tried to “poison” her.

“I arrived at the hospital many times poisoned by muriatic, hydrochloric, and sulfuric acids”revealed in an interview for “Gossip No Like” in March of last year and added that when he decided to raise his voice about what was happening to him, the entire production stopped talking to him.

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