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Pati Chapoy alarms her fans by collapsing while recording “Ventaneando” | VIDEO

patty chapoy This time he set off the alarms and gave his Ventaneando audience a tremendous scare, after he suffered a small collapse while he was in full broadcast of the show of shows.

This news surprised many on social networks, as an image began to circulate on Instagram, in which it can be seen that Chapoy apparently suffered a collapse in full recordings of the TV Azteca programwhich he has led for several decades, however, little is known about it.

In the image you can see that the popular entertainment journalist is sitting in an armchair while they are taking her blood pressure and measuring her oxygenation, checking that their vital signs are okay, an issue that was later clarified by Pati Chapoy, and by her work team.

It should be noted that the aforementioned image was shared by Ernesto Hernández Villegas, a collaborator of “Ventaneando”, who on his Instagram profile has various images of the members of the program directed by Pati Chapoywho later clarified that she suffered a drop in blood pressure that made her suspend the recordings of the show.

When the production realized that the star host of “Ventaneando” was not one hundred, they gave themselves five minutes for commercials, At which time, a paramedic quickly went to help the entertainment journalist, who told her that she had been in discomfort for minutes.

“I began to feel strange, I began to sweat a lot and after the sweat, this… a tachycardia and now… I don’t finish feeling well. I don’t know how I’m doing under pressure”


After measuring her sugar, taking her blood pressure and oxygenation, it was determined that Pati Chapoy suffered a drop in blood pressure and had slightly high glucose, which could be due to a high-sugar breakfast such as pancakes, which in fact the driver ingested before going to record. Even so, the specialist who treated her recommended that these levels were something she should monitor.

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