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Patent reveals why the iPhone 14 notch would disappear • ENTER.CO

The details we know about the upcoming iPhone 14 series have revealed to us that the notch on the Pro models will be replaced with a “pill and hole punch” design. Meanwhile, the basic models will have the notch design that we already know, only their size will be a little smaller. The truth is that, in both cases, Apple managed to compress all the necessary components to a smaller screen space.

Now, a patent application has come to light by the company with the bitten apple that could explain to us how they achieved it. Apple notes in the patent application that: “The use of the folded light projector can reduce the space occupied by the sensing and imaging components of a device to increase the display area of ​​the device, such as a device with bezels. In particular, the use of the lightweight collapsible element can provide more flexibility in positioning the IR light emitter relative to other components such as the IR detector and front camera.”

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In simple words, what Apple describes is a prism. Then the IR emitter will no longer be within the area of ​​the notch or pill; instead, it will be off to the side, but under the screen.

That being said, it is expected that for the iPhone 14, the company will adopt a different model for Pro and non-Pro phones. In the case of the basic models, it will have two separate spaces on the screen: a round hole for the front camera, while the other models will have an extended pill-shaped oval. However, for both cases, the company must install the same number of components in a smaller space. The good thing about all this is that we are less than fifteen days away from knowing the new cell phones, since the launch will be on September 7.

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