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Party decoration on Friday the 13th: tips, photos

Looking for a decoration theme to transform your party? So try to get into the ‘Friday the 13th’ mood and get to know the party decoration on friday the 13th: tips, photos🇧🇷 The cursed and unlucky date on the calendar can serve as a pretext to organize a themed event, being a kind of Halloween out of season.

Party decoration on Friday 13th tips, photos (Illustrative Photo)

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Party decoration on Friday the 13th: tips, photos

THE party decoration on friday the 13th: tips, photos must incorporate the proposal of the occasion, creating a scenario of mystery and fear to welcome the guests. However, before planning how the fraternization will look like, it is important to inform yourself about the origin of the date and its main superstitions.


A little of history

There are no details on how the idea for Friday the 13th came about (Illustrative Photo)

There is no consistent information on how the dread of Friday the thirteenth came about, but in fact cultures continue to feed the idea that the day is unlucky and loaded with negativity. One of the most told stories about the origin involves Jesus Christ, who participated in a supper along with his 12 apostles, then was betrayed by one of them and crucified on a Friday. There are also mythological versions that involve the fury of gods and deities.

‘Friday the 13th’ theme: party decoration

When decorating the event environment, it is important to work with the main symbols of bad luck and luck. Guests need to feel involved in the atmosphere of fear and curse, so invest in the decoration with symbolic figures such as the black cat, ghosts, skulls, zombies, bats, witches and broken mirrors. These elements will certainly be important for the construction of thematic scenarios.

Details are important to create a climate of fear (Illustrative Photo)

Some terrifying movie characters can appear in the party decor, such as Jason, the protagonist of the ‘Friday the 13th’ film series, which was a hit in the 80s. In addition to decorative panels and life-size sculptures, it’s interesting also make a selection of the best horror movie scenes and let it broadcast on a big screen.

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How to decorate the hall

The hall where the party will take place must have a dark atmosphere, and can therefore be decorated with stretched lycra, black plastic, artificial webs and dark balloons. Other colors can also be used when decorating, such as gray, orange, purple and red. Adequate lighting will contribute to the look of the event, so create a very funereal light project.

Leave the spaces dark and you can use stickers with cat eyes on the walls (Illustrative Photo)

The table with food and drinks can reinforce the theme of the party, displaying delicacies decorated with the intention of arousing even more fear on Friday the 13th. Try preparing recipes that are typical for Halloween and adapt them to the proposal of your event.

The atmosphere of the party will be more terrifying with artificial blood splattered by the environment, in addition to the black beanbags distributed in the space to accommodate the guests when they are not on the dance floor.

Friday the 13th party photos

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