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Part 2 returns to Jump on July 13 • ENTER.CO

It’s a good time to be a fan of Tatsuki Fujimoto!

While we’ve been eagerly awaiting the adaptation of Chainsaw Man, the crazy genius of the manga has given us two great one shots: Goodbye Eri and Look Back. But it’s time for us to return to the demon chainsaws: Chainsaw Man: Part 2 kicks off his story on next July 13.

Next, we will give spoilers for the ending of Chainsaw Man.

Fujimoto’s new series will arrive simultaneously on Jump Plus, translated into English, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese, French and Thai. For now, no further details of the return have been released, but it is undoubtedly an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Especially since this same weekend it was also announced that Fujimoto would release another One Shot, this time a collaboration with Toda (To Strip the Flesh) to be released next week.

Of course, we have no idea what to expect from Chainsaw Man: Part 2. One of Fujimoto’s best qualities is that he is precisely unpredictable. The final chapter of Chainsaw Man ended with Denji defeating Makima in a particular way: ripping her apart and then feeding on the pieces of her body to prevent her from reviving. However, a ‘reincarnation’ of Makima has appeared in the form of the ‘control demon’ and the name Nayuta. Denji is in charge of raising her and accompanying her.}

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Hopefully the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man will bring even more eyes to Fujimoto’s work. Not that the mangaka needs it. Currently the author is recognized as one of the most talented and popular manga artists not only in Japan, but throughout the world. His hallmark seems to be the ability to take risks and make each job better than the last. With this, Chainsawman: Part 2 promises to bring more of the author’s artistic madness.

You can legally read all of Chainsawman on Jump Plus.

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